Sports center Velodroom

In addition to an Olympic indoor cycling track, this multi-purpose sports center also has a gym hall, four sports fields, a medical center, meeting rooms, a fitness center, an exercise lab, and a restaurant. The 8 ZBin semi-underground containers from Traflux ensure that waste management is efficient.

The Velodroom sports center in Heusden-Zolder has more than 15.000 m² of sports and recreation infrastructure. From residual waste, paper/cardboard, PMD to glass and organic waste: a location that attracts thousands of visitors naturally involves a lot of waste flows. Traflux therefore installed semi-underground ZBin containers and is also responsible for the collection, cleaning & repair.

A 250 metres long indoor cycling track, 4 sports fields, a gym hall, self-contained, exercise lab, medical center with operating theatre, meeting rooms and brasserie with terrace... the Velodroom in Heusden-Zolder is a fantastic showcase for (cycling) sports in Belgium.


“Cycling is in our Belgian DNA,” opens David Theunis, CEO of Traflux. "Yet there was only one indoor cycling track that was suitable for international competitions. That will now be two. We are very proud that we as a partner can contribute to this. Our ZBin waste container is two-thirds underground. For the above-ground part we opted for a wooden finish, so that is perfectly fits in the green environment.”

Major championships = major waste volumes

The Velodroom will be the prime location of the Belgian track cyclists in their preparation for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. It also meets UCI standards, which means that major championships such as European Championships and World Championships can soon be organized. This total capacity amounts to 3,750 spectators.


These major championships are natural peak moments in terms of waste production. With 8 ZBin semi-underground containers there is a total waste volume of 29 m3, the equivalent of 30 roll containers of 180 large waste bins.

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

ZBin waste containers from Traflux are made of extremely sturdy plastic and environmentally friendly materials. They can withstand all temperatures and the robust stainless-steel ring ensures stability and anchorage. “The larger volumes also save you a lot of collection rides by truck compared to other types of waste containers. Our experienced drivers clean the containers and do repairs if necessary. In terms of waste, the Velodroom is already the first to cross the finish line,” concludes David.