Teambuilding Traflux 2024

Together for a beautiful world

Since it’s foundation in 1994, Traflux has been a pioneer in innovative waste solutions

Traflux is a genuine family business and that's how we deal with our customers

  • We are located in Belgium at the heart of Europe. Just a stone's throw away from practically every country in the world.
  • We design, develop and produce our own (semi-)underground containers. From a wooden version to aluminum, composite or 'branding' in your corporate identity: everything is possible.
  • We strongly believe that every customer is important. You are not a number to us.

Traflux has its roots in 1994 and is build with worldwide experience 

  • We offer tailor-made solutions for every sector in every country. Our waste containers range from 100 to 5.000 liters.
  • We use the most advanced machines in our production plant which is almost 5.000 m² in size.
  • We have 30+ years of knowledge in distribution all around the world. Moreover, in Belgium our drivers empty more than 1.000 containers daily. So we know first-hand how our products work.

Traflux is an innovative and environmental friendly pioneer

  • We take our environmental resposibility: 99% of all our materials are reusable. Therefore we use as many untreated materials as possible.
  • We produce more electricity from our solar panels than we consume and we use gas to heat our plastic production machines to have a very small Carbon footprint.
  • Our containers are certified by the EN 13071 norm, our lifting bags are ISO 21898 certified, our wood is PEFC certified and we produce in accordance with ISO 9001.



Teamwork: as one team we have respect for each other and for our customers. And help whenever we can.


Result: we are efficient and results-oriented. Our sound entrepreneurship has brought us where we are today, and it will continue to guide us in the future.


Authentic: our corporate culture is family based, genuine and reliable. We remain true to who we are, what sets us apart.


Flexibility: we offer custom-made advice and put the customer first. Our waste solutions are diverse and we help each other to realize them.


Loyalty: we are dedicated, caring and take ownership of our responsibilities. That makes us a loyal partners for customers, dealers and employees.


Unique: every colleague is unique with his or her own qualities. That makes us stronger as a team. Furthermore our unique products, our 'made in Belgium' label and our continuous development sets us apart.


X-factor: we are trendsetters, and our products testify to that. We embrace creativity in everything we do and strive for beauty in our products and services.

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