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The Pillar is a street bin ideal for cities, municipalities, along sports fields and in recreational parks. From wall model to semi-underground container and from 100 litres to 200 litres. 100% tailormade in Belgium.

→  The Pillar waste bin is made of stainless steel and anchored with a concrete base. This make it much stronger than a regular waste bin

→ The disposal opening is designed in such a way that you can put small waste (cans, paper bags, etc.) in it but cannot drop large waste bags in the Pillar

→ The punched structure and graffiti-resistant layer protects the waste bin against vandalism, graffiti and stickers

→ It even has has a fire-retardant inner container

→ The innovative design gives the Pillar an elegant appearance. The standard color is gray, but you can personalize with all RAL colors 

→ Enough of cigarette butts lying around? Then choose a built-in ashtray. This sturdy metal container is ingenious in its simplicity

Pillar 100 litres (standard model)
  • Height (mm) 1060 mm
  • Width (mm) ⌀ 500 mm
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Waste Volume 0.08 m³
Waste Types
  • Mixed
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Medical
  • Glass
Pillar 200 litres (semi-underground model)
  • Height (mm) 1060 mm (above ground) + 500 mm (underground)
  •  Width (mm) ⌀ 500 mm
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Waste Volume 0,14 m³
Waste Types
  • Mixed
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Medical
  • Glass
  • Organic
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Why choose a Traflux waste container?

Quality & Strength

All materials are selected on quality and durability, making sure there is maximum UV stability and fitted for maritime climates. Traflux street bins are completely seamless, so there is no risk of leaks or cracks. We use thick and very robust plastics for our container, lid and inner lid. The inner lid is double-walled, and supplied with a solid stainless steel hinge.

Design & Ergonomics

Compared to all other street bins, we focus most on details, profile and look. The unique design features of our semi underground street bins are the integration of the inner lid with the outer lid. It creates a clean and non disturbed profile.


As we strongly believe that we as producer have a environmental responsibility, we make sure that all materials are 100% reusable, without additives or extra treatmenst. We keep logistic lines short with our production plant in Belgium. Which is also completely self-sufficient for electricity due to solar panels on our roof.


Traflux' semi underground street bins have bigger volumes than standard waste solutions. These large volumes can be emptied in one time which means you save a lot of trips to collect the waste. Another advantages is that our bins do not take more floor space as a regular wheelie bin.


Traflux waste containers comply to all safety regulations. While emptying there is no big open hole in the ground because there is still 1/3 of the bin above ground. All parts of the container where the end-user places its hands are free of sharp edges or metal parts.

Smell reduction

The temperature underground is very stable and mostly lower that the temperature above ground. This reduces the processes which makes waste start to smell. So with our semi underground street bins you also reduce bad smells.

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